How to Remove ‘Continue Watching’ On Netflix?

We all know about the Netflix, it offers a Save feature in which you can save your show or movie from where you left, so that if you ever stop and come again, then you can easily start the show where you left off. Though it’s an amazing feature, sometimes it proves very irritated for the users. So here we will tell you how to remove the continue watching from Netflix.

How to Remove 'Continue Watching' On Netflix

It might be possible that you are using any of your friend or member Netflix account, or sometimes you watched something that you don’t want significant to see the other person. Whenever you try any new show and you don’t like it, and you want from the Netflix to keep suggesting it. There is also one probability that you finished the movie or any other show in the Netflix, but you stopped at the end credits.

So, here whatever the matter or issue, we will try our best to provide you easy and simple steps so that you can easily find the reason and also get the steps of how to remove the continue watching on Netflix. Below we are discussing the steps:

Steps to Remove Continue Watching on Netflix

These given steps are easy to understand and follow, but we suggest you follow the steps in a given sequence so that you can be easily able to solve the problems. And it will also save your time and take fewer efforts.

Delete Items from Viewing Activity

  1. To start the process, follow the below-given procedure:
  2. Click to “Log in” into Netflix account.
  3. Select “Profile,” since you want to remove the continue watching items.
  4. Move towards Viewing Activity tab.

Delete Items on Mobile Devices:

  1. Click on More (three horizontal lines) menu. It is located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Choose “Account” to edit.
  3. Click on Account button. It will open a mobile browser window and direct towards Netflix mobile site.
  4. Alternatively, scroll down and click on “Viewing Activity.” It is located at the bottom of the screen.

Delete Items on Desktop Browser:

  1. Click on “Down Arrow,” next to your Profile picture.
  2. Choose “Account.”
  3. Select “Viewing Activity.”

When you are in viewing activity option then either you are on mobile device or desktop, the process is always the same.

Here the steps we discuss will apply to both mobiles as well as desktop.

  1. Search for the movie or show, to delete from your watch list.
  2. Choose “Circle with the line through it” option.
  3. To remove the entire series, choose “Hide series?” option.

However, when you return to the menu option, then the deleted items will no longer be available in your “Continue Watching” list. Still, the Netflix’s algorithms will use this info in its suggestion algorithms, so you still might receive suggestions which are based on watching a partial show or movie.

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