11,000 Private Twitter Messages sent by Supporters to Wikileaks Published

While Wikileaks has been vying for transparency, its own opacity has often been questioned. The organization is notoriously known for leaking out guarded secrets and posting it on their websites. However, how it obtains this information and how it conducts its business is still a mystery even to staunch supporters of Wikileaks. To fuel allegations of secrecy against the group and to offer a sneak peek into the working of Wikileaks, an activist has released over 11,000 direct messages sent to Wikileaks over Twitter.

OR: WikiLeaks Releases DNC Emails

It is speculated that Julian Assange, the head of Wikileaks, is responsible for sending the messages through the official Wikileaks’ Twitter handle. These messages were published after Emma Best, the activist, fell out with the organization due to her criticism of Wikileaks. Emma is a freedom of information activist and has been very vocal about her distaste for the manner in which the organization operated behind the closed doors.

Emma posted the conversations on Sunday over her personal blogs. She believes that once the supporters go through these conversations, they can make up their minds as to what Wikileaks truly is. In an excerpt, Wikileaks was shown to be supporting the Democrats during the 2016 elections and used some choice words for the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

The messages bore a general resentment towards the Clintons than any political party. However, the chats date back to as late as 2015 where Wikileaks projected hostility towards President Barack Obama as well. There has been a fleeting mention of the tampering of the 2016 elections, but it is not conclusive to know whether Wikileaks had any role to play in it.

The string of messages is nicknamed “Wikileaks +10” since the 11,000 messages revolve around the discussion the official Wikileaks Twitter account had with 10 of its supporter. Through this revelation, it has been found out that Wikileaks would host and coordinate smear campaigns against eminent personalities, including journalists opposing the organization. These exchanges also reeked of transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, racism, and anti-semitism.

Emma has ensured to redact the names of the receivers since she did not wish to cause any harm to the third party, rather her aim was to reveal the hidden propaganda of Wikileaks. The documents released by Emma have undergone scrutiny for verifiability, and it has been proven that they were not tampered with and were, indeed, original conversations. Wikileaks has stayed mum on the topic and has not released any statement in this regard.

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